Posted 30 May 2013

At the crossroads of two continents, crossroads of meetings and exchanges, Tangier is a city with multiple faces, which permits endless discoveries. Over the past centuries, the city has been the starting point for the epics of the likes of Ibn Battuta and Tarik Bnou Ziyad, which inspired (and continues to inspire) many artists and men of letters. Tanja El Alia (The heights of Tangiers as it is commonly called) is full of energy and exudes an atmosphere that does not leave indifferent.

  • Discovering Tangier

Made of hills and viewpoints, Tangier shall be discovered through endless walks around the city. The Kasbah offers an excellent introduction to the Arab-Andalusian culture, which has defined Tangier’s soul. Elsewhere in the city, you might come across houses and places that are emblematic of the city of the Strait.

  • Life in Tangiers

Tangier has a wide variety of places to eat and go to, from very hip to extremely authentic. Downtown or in the kasbah, by the seaside or by the hills, it’s always a tough choice to pick the right scenery to match your mood. Tangiers offers numerous cultural activities and festivals, among which Tanjazz is definitely the one not to be missed. As for shopping, concept stores, organic cosmetics shops, souks and malls are spread around the city for the delight of bargain hunters.

  • Excursions

At the tip of Africa and in the very north of Morocco, Tangier is the gateway to a continent and opens multiple routes. Nearby, the Mediterranean coast offers its coves or the ruins of Ksar Majaz and a little further inside the land Tetouan has a magnificent Arab Andalusian medina, and Chefchaouen is a lovely blue town hidden between two mountains. The Atlantic coast will take you to the charming city of Asilah and the Roman Larache.