Dar Tanja

Life in Dar Tanja

Located away from the bustle of the city, Dar Tanja is a charming first category guesthouse, ideal starting point to discover Tangier, admire breathtaking views of the Strait, and take day-trips in the neighboring countryside to enjoy the places of interest.

Combining modernity and tradition, the Dar Tanja guesthouse is organized into bright spaces, facing the pool and the garden. The interior decoration, which is inspired by Moroccan tradition, tries to highlight the richness and diversity of local know-how, and offers to the visitor a warm atmosphere: zellijes and tadellakt, zouaks and carved wood, embroidered fabrics and handmade weavings, rugs with Berber patterns…

Haven of peace in the midst of lush garden planted with Mediterranean trees and organized with terraces inviting you to enjoy the douceur de vivre à la Tangier.

  • Rooms & Suites

    Dar Tanja guesthouse offers 7 suites and 2 cozy bedrooms, opening for some onto private terraces. The bedroom located on the ground floor, was designed to receive a person with reduced mobility, in comfortable conditions.

    The rooms and suites feature all the amenities for a luxury stay: premium beds, independent bathroom, wifi, TV. Besides, everything has been designed in order to ensure the best comfort: centralized heating and air conditioning, detectors, safety…

    Nekor, Tamuda, Ksar Majaz, Bades … These are the names chosen for the suites and rooms, representing as many invitations to discover landmarks regions of northern Morocco, that deserve to be known.

  • Common areas

    At Dar Tanja, every day begins with a delicious breakfast in the traditional lounge Fes. This refined Moroccan living room is the centerpiece of the local lifestyle.

    Note that in case of good weather, meals can be taken by the poolside.

    The Chaouen lounge is the place to meet and chat near the bar in a friendly atmosphere, or by the fireplace on a chilly evening.

    The Tanja lounge, with delicately hand-painted wood paneling (typical of the city), is located further away and is open onto the swimming pool. It is the ideal place to go sit back and relax at any given time of the day, sipping a glass of hot mint-tea.

    Outside, by the pool and in the garden, several corners and terraces invite to idleness.