Best things to do and see in Tangier

Posted 19 September 2019

Anybody who has visited Tangier will for sure mention one of these things : a mixture of sweet scents, the smell of the sea,  and joy in the air, terrasses with breathtaking views, an amazing, diverse architecture that testifies the international, cross-cultural influence, cosy cafés, art, … to summit all he may say : beauty and authenticity.

This romanticized city has inspired many artists, poets, writers, fashion designers and even politicians to go on adventures and achieve the best of their masterpieces. It’s your turn to discover it with us and see where it will take you.

Our stroll starts from the heart of the new city, Place de France. East of the Place you can find Terrasse des Paresseux where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over the Strait of Gibraltar and Southern Spain, while if you head west, the real magic begins.

Place du 9 Avril

Through Rue de la Liberté, where you can find shops selling almost everything from souvenirs, to kids toys, you will slide into the historical Place du 9 Avril where you can sip on tea at the vintage  café in the Cinémathèque de Tanger. This place is a good window into the classic and contemporary spirit of Tangier.

Right in front, you would have spotted  Bab el Fahs. Many visitors of Tangier prefer to start their Medina tour here to head straight away to the Kasbah, home to many guesthouses, restaurants and cafés with panoramic views over the city hugging the sea.

TIP : For a good sunset picture, with a breathtaking view you may go to  Bab el Bhar.

The Kasbah

Many historical monuments lie within the Kasbah’s wall. We can mention for instance The old Sultan’s palace (built in the 17th century), known as Dar El Makhzen and is now a museum that houses fine examples of Moroccan art. Fiew meters away you can also get fully immersed in the moroccan history through the Museum of Kasbah and the beautiful music of Les Fils du Détroit that will charm your ears immediately.

The Medina

After these stops, full of stunning experiences you may want to let yourself go with the flow, get lost in the narrow streets of the Medina and observe the lifestyle of the locals. Some how, you will end up in the petit socco that was once home to many notable writers and affluent people in the city, the perfect place to buy moroccan handicrafts or souvenirs now.

TIP : Bargaining is key.

The American Legation

Morocco was the first nation to recognize American independence, and the Tangier American Legation was the first american public property outside the United States. This building is now a museum housing some fascinating art including a room dedicated to Paul Bowles and works by Eugene Delacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, and James McBey. The legation is an elaborate Moorish-style building of stuccoed masonry, so it’s very instagrammable.

The Hercule caves

In Tangier you can go back in history until 2500 BC if you visit the Cave of Hercules. This legendary place is believed to be the headquarters of Hercule, where he took a snooze after separating europe from africa. Actually what makes this site special is the shape of one of its entrances that looks just like the map of Africa.