It’s winter: How about a spa day ?

Posted 20 December 2019

When winter embraces Tangier and temperatures go low, the desire to hibernate and indulge in pampering is more and more present. It’s a good time to take time for yourself. Pamper yourself with a moment at the spa.

The benefits of massage in winter

Who says spa says comforting moments often associated with massages. These body treatments help you spend the winter in Tangier and protect yourself from the little inconveniences of the cold season. Massages can help you meet the hydration needs of your skin and strengthen your immune barriers to counter bacteria and other viruses. Winter is often characterized by a drop in energy and the techniques of professional masseurs can lead you to regain tone.

Dar Tanja takes care of you

With its pleasant and serene spa, Dar Tanja has the perfect infrastructure to help you experience a pleasant winter in Tangier. In a relaxing setting, you are pampered by skillful gestures. Dar Tanja is a guest house located on a property overlooking the Boubana district. Its spa is open to its customers but also to all those who want to enjoy the benefits of a spa. In addition to massages, the Dar Tanja spa offers you to enjoy a hammam and its virtues. You can decide to go there alone or as a couple.

Traditional, this ritual of well-being and beauty allows you to live a relaxing and purifying experience for two, positive for the body as for the spirit. Why not schedule this moment of relaxation during a beautiful winter afternoon. You can follow your hammam session with a massage and end the day with a dinner to savor at Dar Tanja.

Even during winter, settle in an elegant setting, on the edges of our pool to sip a mint tea. Between spa, brunch and swimming pool, we will make you love winter in Tangier